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Why 2018 Should be About Acing Online Lead Generation.

What is the most important prerequisite for a business to stay afloat? Without a doubt, you’d say it is the people that it serves, i.e the end customer. A company collapses if it faces a dearth of clients for a long while. In the absence of customers, who will the product or service be offered to? This creates an imbalance in the supply demand curve, and the company eventually collapses. It is then inevitable, for a firm, to invest heavily in its marketing and sales department. And even more important for marketers and sales team to constantly generate qualified leads. Both the departments thus need a strong alignment.

Lead generation is thus a bottle neck of any organization, upon which depends the rest of the operations. However, the source of that lead generation has seen a transition. Traditional methods like direct mail, print advertising, broadcast, TV & Radio ads, cold calling have been toppled by the new methods of marketing. In fact modern marketing costs 62% lesser than traditional marketing.

Let’s have a closer look at how online lead generation has changed the game for the time to come.


Leads generated online cost a fraction of what traditional methods costed. Cost per acquisition(CPA) have been found to be significantly low across all verticals. This enables reallocation of funds in reaching larger audiences. Leads generated online are 70% cheaper than their conventional counterparts.


With 1.8 Billion social network users, 93% of marketers use social media for business. Audience targeting is simple, focused and direct. Reach prospects who are most likely to convert.


89% Of your customers begin their buying process with a search engine. This gives you an opportunity to establish and voice your brand across all platforms. Thus ensuring that the sales funnel is constantly fed with prospects.


For a customer, nothing is more annoying than getting notifications about products that they’re not even distantly interested in. With the use of customized ads and forms, serve the audience with highest affinity, which directly translates into higher conversions.


One of the biggest advantages of collecting leads online is that we can track user behaviour and measure engagement. This gives us the biggest advantage of offering the right product to the right people at the right time. Marketing strategies are no more intuitive, they are rather data driven and thus predictable.


Depending on the kind of activity performed by the users, we can reach out to people on the basis of their interests. With the right tactics, we can inspire, nurture and provide value to our customers. Establishing a good customer relationship builds a long lasting brand impression.

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